Portfolio Widget

How to Create Portfolio Pages in WordPress Using Elementor

Display your portfolio projects, or any other custom post types, in a unique and visual way that will impress your site visitors.

Note: The Portfolio widget ONLY shows custom post types and NOT Galleries



  • Columns: Set the number of columns displayed in the widget.
  • Posts count: Set the exact amount of posts to be displayed in the widget.
  • Image size: Set the size of the images.
  • Item ratio: Set the ratio of the items.
  • Show title: Choose whether to show or hide the title. The title will display while hovering over the images.
  • Title HTML tag: Wrap the title with a tag, either H1…H6, span, div or paragraph.


  • Source: Select the source of posts or other custom post types, from which the widget will display the items.
  • Categories: Filter the posts by categories.
  • Tags: Filter the posts by tags.
  • Manual selection: Search and select the exact posts you want to display.


  • Order by: Set the order of the posts by date, title, menu order or randomized.
  • Order: Set the posts order as ascending or descending.
  • Offset: Set the number of posts to be skipped over. If I set it to 2, the widget will display the posts starting from the third post.

Filter Bar

  • Show: Set whether to show or hide the filter bar.
  • Taxonomy: Choose the taxonomy from which to display the posts. Options include: Categories, tags, product categories, product tags and gallery categories.



  • Item gap: Set the exact gap between the items.
  • Border radius: Set the border radius for the images.

Item overlay

  • Background color: Set the background color over the overlay when you hover over the image.
  • Title color: Set the title color over the overlay when you hover over the image.
  • Typography: Customize the typography of the title.

Filter bar

  • Color: Set the color of the text.
  • Active color: Set the color for the active text.
  • Typography: Customize the typography of the filter bar.
  • Filter spacing: Set the spacing between the filter bar and the images.
  • Space between items: Set the space between the items in the filter bar.

Note: You have to set featured images for your posts so that the posts can appear with (featured) images in the Portfolio widget.

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